Culture & Employee Experience

Your employees are your first customer.

Understanding that business is human, we use a variety of assessment tools and analyses to determine the underlying principles needed to evoke change. By looking at a business as a system with interlocking parts and processes, we determine the factors requiring influence to create an experience-focused culture.

We use a proprietary 5-Step Change Management model that builds understanding among those leading and needing to change, develops the skills and knowledge through formal and informal training and learning, rally teams around a common and shared purpose, reinforce the right behaviors for sustained change and, evaluate/measure our progress to determine the degree to which the change is occurring.

We engage and enable employees and channel partners to deliver on your brand’s desired customer experience. We do this by designing an employee experience that reinforces the connection between the brand, the employees and the customers.

Our proprietary employee experience technology, SynapzeCX, curates and delivers personalized learning content, delivers high-impact communications and provides a place for employees to belong in your brand, while ensuring content is tied to your business objectives. It gives you the data and insight to demonstrate that your employee experience efforts are driving your desired business outcomes.

Services Include:

  • Change Management planning and implementation
  • Culture Transformation Roadmap
  • Employee Experience Design
  • Employee Journey Mapping
  • Learning Content Design & Development (workshops, eLearning, simulations)
  • Communications & Employee Experience Campaigns
  • Recognition Strategy
  • Incentive Programs
  • Employee Experience Platform (SynapzeCX)