Loyalty & CRM

Recognize, realize and reward loyalty to your brand.

Our loyalty and CRM solutions help you build better bonds. Whether it's a formal Loyalty program or #informaloyalty, we apply neuroscience design principles and digital loyalty mechanics to deliver impressive results for brands. Our design, implementation and operation of loyalty and CRM solutions make this type of marketing a profit center instead of a cost center.

Gone are the days of aggregate, anonymous customers. At the heart of each solution is the unique customer. Want to see them more frequently? Need them to try something new? Buy more? Find others like them? Say nice things about your brand?

Take a closer look.

Loyalty Consulting

We take a comprehensive approach to building (or rebuilding) personalized programs that are highly relevant for your customers, that are brand aligned, operationally feasible and financially viable. Our consulting work balances customer research and behavioral analytics with human science and design thinking.

Services include:

  • Loyalty Solution Design & Re-design
  • Program Performance Audit
  • Financial Analysis & Business Casing
  • Segmentation & Engagement Modeling
  • Ideation Lab
  • Informaloyalty™
  • Partner Strategy



Synapze™, our scalable, modular and secure loyalty platform, helps brands launch new loyalty programs or replace underperforming programs. Our exclusive, best-in-class solutions allows for scalable growth, while our modular structure provides capabilities to support all loyalty design solution components and allows for speed to market, while leveraging AI/ machine learning to enable richer customer and personalized.


Program Implementation & Operations

We support clients through the implementation process, leveraging best practices across the workstreams of activity. Whether we are implementing our own proprietary platform or implementing partner technology, we provide project management rigor in combination with loyalty marketing expertise, and leverage data and insights to continuously optimize programs.

Services include:

  • Pilot / Launch Strategy & Execution
  • Measurement Strategy
  • Marketing Services
  • Frontline Training & Support
  • Implementation Consulting
  • Program Management
  • Platform and Technology Services
  • Performance Reporting & Advanced Analytics
  • Rewards & Fulfillment Services



Bond sources and fulfills both traditional and innovative reward solutions globally. Our offering includes everything from gift cards, merchandise and experiential rewards through to Pay with Points solutions and retailer integrations with merchants like Amazon and Best Buy. We leverage AI to curate and recommend rewards that are best suited to your members in the most relevant channels.

CRM & Member Engagement

Thinking beyond shallow interactions, we create rich experiences that combine the physical and the digital in cohesive ways that build and secure long-term relationships with your brand. We help create personalized and relevant experiences at each moment of interaction, leveraging data and insights that deliver business results.

Services Include:

  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Lifecycle Planning & Execution
  • Campaign Planning, Execution & Analysis
  • Creative Services
  • Digital Marketing

Data Privacy & Fraud Prevention

Working with financial services clients over the last 20 years, protecting customer data is core to our platform; meeting regulatory requirements already in place like GDPR and continuing to invest. Our fraud management suite also protects you and your customers with ID tracking, fraud controls such as 2FA, velocity rules and algorithms that trigger alerts and prevent actions based on suspicious activity.