Loyalty prioritizes actions over promises.

A data-driven practice in the modern age needs to have frictionless analytics; insights that are easily accessible through informative descriptive reporting; advanced analytics developed by Data Scientists, automated by machine learning, and be driven by AI algorithms. We deliver a well-balanced Analytics Practice with Business leaders, Analytics Translators, and Data Scientists.

Across our 3 disciplines, Data Management, Data Modeling and Data Marketing, we leverage data, behavioral science, and machine learning to address the challenges of customer loyalty in an evolving marketplace. Distinguishing what people do over what they say they will do or have done is where analytics lives up to the promise of loyalty.

Bond has over 50 full-time data scientists/statisticians, and we’re still growing. Our intent is to always translate outputs into business insights and recommendations that inform further strategies that will drive business results/ROXI.

Bond analytics services are leveraged to understand customers, track progress, and optimize marketing spend.

Services include:

  • Analytics Consulting
  • Descriptive Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Prescriptive Analytics