Silvana Buljan

Managing Director, Bond EMEA


Based in Spain with German and Croatian origins, Silvana is the Managing Director of Bond EMEA. She started her management consulting career at PwC and has grown as a professional and as a person through Insead Executive Education, Harvard Business School, and Newfield Network. Her greatest teachers, however, have always been her employees and her customers.

After more than two decades as an entrepreneur at the core of many client strategy projects for leading automotive, transportation, healthcare, industrial manufacturing, retail, insurance and financial services brands, she has been internationally recognized as an expert, key note speaker​, thought leader and executive coach for Customer Centric Management, as well as Customer & Employee Experience. Silvana has worked with over 70 brands, such as BMW, Hyperloop TT, Lufthansa, Munich Re and Stihl, in making their companies a better place for customers and employees.