Bob Macdonald



Bob Macdonald, a mission-driven entrepreneur, is a co-founder of Bond and its CEO. Bob understands the power of bonds and how bonds build growth. His success is fueled by the belief that putting customers’ best interests at the heart of your strategy creates human-centric growth, which builds enduring relationships between businesses, your people, your customers and communities.  

An early disruptor in the consumer loyalty sector, Bob saw the power behind “loyalty science” as foundational to customer acquisition, retention and growth strategies now commonplace in today’s boardrooms. At the helm of Maritz Canada, he fused the business with loyalty marketing and research entities to create Bond Brand Loyalty, ultimately leading a management buyout in 2015.   

Under Bob’s leadership and reimagined as Bond, the business is a highly awarded leader in creating growth for iconic and ambitious global brands. Bond helps companies differentiate themselves through customer loyalty and engagement strategies. By employing purpose-built platforms, cutting-edge technology and a fusion of proprietary and third-party data-driven insights, Bond’s approach centers around exceptional client growth and the seamless integration of AI and machine learning. In 2021, Bob’s vision for a global think tank that puts behavioral insights into action was realized when the Bond Behavioral Institute was launched. Bob has also led acquisitions for geographic and capability expansions in Europe and the Americas. In May 2023, the business announced a strategic investment from Mountaingate Capital, a Colorado-based private equity firm, to further expand in both reach and offers to better serve Bond’s clients. 

Bob is well-known to his more than 800 employees as the chief growth champion of Bond’s highly diverse culture. Bond is repeatedly recognized as a top place to work and a Best Managed Company, which has allowed for the highly successful integration of acquired firms and retention of key leaders and people essential to its growth.   

Bob is a member of the Council of Canadian Innovators and a long-time member of the Young Presidents’ Organization. He has dedicated much of his time to many worthy causes in his hometown of Toronto. Bob is an avid student of history and a lover of backcountry skiing, the outdoors and adventure travel, all of which he enjoys with his family.