CX + Culture & Employee Experience

Ford shifts gears when training becomes an experience.


Dealer feedback prompted Ford to evolve its training program into a performance improvement system. Ford wanted a program that would communicate relevant information, and train dealership staff to enable them to gain the skills and knowledge they need and to motivate them by recognizing outstanding behavior and rewarding outstanding results.  


We brought together our expertise across multiple offerings to create a progressive and effective employee program tailored to improve each team member’s performance. The program operates as a web-based employee experience platform, allowing for real-time access to product information, training resources, and reporting tools at the corporate, regional, territory, and dealer level. Participants follow 1 of 14 training paths tailored to their job roles, made up of required, recommended, and elective courses.  


The current program experiences 9 million website visits per year. 7,300 training plans have been created with nearly 175,000 web courses completed. 93% of the sales audience and 82% of the parts and service audiences are now certified—certified sales consultants sell almost double the number of vehicles versus their non-certified counterparts and average 6 points higher on their customer satisfaction scores.