The backdrop of our brand story 

Edward Maritz began his St.Louis-based jewellery business in 1894. The company grew and changed significantly in the years that followed on the cusp of the Great Depression. Times were tough and the business survived by adapting. Maritz saw fit to repurpose their stock of wristwatches, and began selling the engraved timepieces to companies as symbols of tenure and appreciation. The "gold watch" quickly became a badge of belonging to the companies and brands looking for alternative, non-monetary ways to recognize and reward their long-standing employees. This pivot in strategy reinvented the Maritz company and spawned what would be the foundation of the loyalty industry.

We, Bond Brand Loyalty (formerly Maritz Canada and Maritz Loyalty Marketing), pioneered and now lead the business of brand loyalty. Through insights into human nature and with a genuine respect for people, we have proven the value of loyalty in business and in people's lives. We evolve, we reinvent, but never waver from this purpose. We proudly and passionately prove that trust, ingenuity and creativity build brand loyalty and drive real business advantages.