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Technology is at the core of our brand loyalty solution set. Our clients use our platforms and solutions to engage, inform, motivate and recognize customers through the right channel, at the right time and the right place.

From 1:1 email marketing to complex scalable enterprise loyalty platforms, Bond’s proprietary products are built to integrate with your data sources and APIs. Our tailored loyalty technology solutions create stronger bonds through personalized marketing and powerful insights that ensure timely, ongoing and relevant engagement. We help you make the most of your customer data, and we make it easier for customers to choose your brand repeatedly.

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Advancing digital experiences and personalizing the customer journey

Our suite of technology solutions include:

  • Loyalty Platforms

    Synapze™ is a scalable brand loyalty platform that allows you to engage all of your customers—those who are most deserving, most in-need, or most at-risk—with meaningful, real-time content. Designed to drive timely, ongoing and relevant engagement between brands and members, Synapze is a flexible loyalty platform that is best suited for enterprise as a new loyalty platform or as a replacement to an underperforming loyalty program.

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  • Employee Engagement Platform

    SynapzeCX™ is a global platform that provides your employees with real-time mobile learning and personalized performance tools. With tailored content delivered at the point of need, the platform fosters greater engagement, and ultimately, an improved bottom line.

    Designed to provide insights on employee behaviors and seamlessly connect with other business systems, SynapzeCX allows operators to make data-driven business decisions related to the performance of their people. The result is a measurable return on investment born from reduced attrition and engaged employees who influence customer satisfaction and drive sales.

  • CRM Solutions

    Our CRM solutions include acquisition, lift, shift and retention. We work across all marketing channels and platforms with the goal of answering business questions, driving business performance and, ultimately, brand loyalty. Bond has significant and proven expertise in designing and executing successful CRM and loyalty marketing initiatives for clients, including integration with existing processes and systems, or building from the ground up.

  • Mobile Solutions

    We design and develop mobile loyalty, clienteling, engagement, and training solutions and systems. In addition to our native application capabilities, we build best-in-class mobile websites leveraging responsive design techniques to ensure optimal display in a multi-platform and screen-sized world. We recently launched SynapzeSHOP™, a shopper marketing mobile loyalty and savings solution, and SynapzeINSTANT™, a mobile app engineered for retail bank payment card loyalty programs.

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  • Email Marketing

    Relevant communication experiences are a foundational element of customer loyalty. Email marketing is about moving your audiences to interact with your brand through experiences they both shape and share. Our capabilities and technology ensure all emails are relevant and segmented for your audiences. From concept and campaign development to execution, our promise is to enhance your customers’ experiences and deliver measurable results.

  • Lifecycle Communications

    We have a distinct and proven approach to building customer lifecycle communications solutions tailored to your customer and business objectives.  Our ability to target customers and members at the right time within their lifecycle, with hyper- relevant content, offers true 1:1 marketing, ensuring customized messages that speak on a personal level. Our communications strategies focus on the customer loyalty lifecycle, and foster program engagement, member retention and spend behavior.

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