Brand Aims to Spread Hand Hygiene Message Via Social Channels

Owned by soap and lotion maker Gojo, Purell aims to supplement the limited amount of information it has about its consumers through the new Be Well Network loyalty program, accessible on its site and on mobile devices via Facebook...

The social focus is intended to propel the message throughout loyalty members' networks, said Sean Claessen, VP creative and strategy at Bond Brand Loyalty. "There's a greater reach out of that one interaction," he said. "They seem to be actively trying to convey that it's not points for purchase." Bond does not work with Purell.

Bond's fourth-annual study of more than 6,000 consumers released in June showed that loyalty programs associated with brands spur three times the amount of "program satisfaction" among consumers. And that also creates increased likelihood to recommend the brand.

It's still rare for CPG brands to invest in loyalty efforts, said Mr. Claessen. "This is sort of an interesting shot over the bow to some of those larger CPG companies."

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