Your employees are your first customer 

Engaged Employee + Engaged Customer = Brand Loyalty

Everything we do is underpinned by a desire to create loyalty between brands their customers and employees. We see Customer Experience and Employee Engagement as intrinsically linked.

An engaged employee will go above and beyond in all aspects of their role and will feel that they own the delivery of a great customer experience because they are deeply connected to the brand they represent.

Employee engagement is achieved by creating a customer-centric culture in which people understand their purpose, by fostering an environment where employees feel empowered to do the right thing for customers, and by supporting employees with the right skills and knowledge.

The following is our approach to designing and creating Employee Engagement.

The ABCs of HX

Employee Engagement Exploration (Understand)

At the heart of a brand are its employees, the human factor that breathes life into it. We begin our employee engagement work by understanding what already exists. By examining the culture, and current set of practices: hiring, onboarding, learning, growth and more, we can identify strengths and opportunities for improvement. Through our own research, or through your existing insights, we identify the key factors and drivers that will have the biggest impact on fostering ongoing employee engagement and customer experience outcomes.

Services include:

  • Employee and stakeholder interviews
  • Ethnographies
  • Process and practices audit

Employee Engagement Design (Imagine)

“Customers will never love a company unless its employees love it first.” (Simon Sinek)

Your employee is your first customer. Without providing them an experience worthy of their loyalty, you cannot expect them to deliver it in return to customers.

At Bond, we look at your employee journey with the brand itself, as well as their intersection points with your customers. We identify moments of emotional connection for your employees, and focus on areas of greatest return – for your brand and your employees. Our Employee Engagement Design approach maps the entire ecosystem of key moments, and opportunities, to engage your employees, and create a community of loyal brand ambassadors.

Services include:

  • Employee Engagement Mapping
  • Employee Design Labs
  • CX and Employee Engagement Playbook

Culture Immersion and Evangelism

We focus on the human and emotional aspects of the journey. We implement and embed the desired customer experience by creating a brand-aligned employee and representative culture that is governed by a singular and shared purpose—breeding alignment and loyalty to cause, organization, and brand. Through expertise spanning inspiration, enablement and motivation—and rooted in behavioral science—we help deliver on your CX vision.

Services include:

  • Culture Blueprinting
  • Learning Strategy
  • CX Evangelism and Communications
  • Learning Asset Development
  • Coaching
  • Motivation Strategy

Employee Engagement Measurement

Everything we do is rooted in insight and proven through measurement. Our goal is to offer an ongoing view of insights, impact, and results. We use our proprietary RO(X)I methodology to correlate the value of employee engagement to customer experience and financial outcomes.

Services include:

  • RO(X)I modelling
  • Return on Employee Experience (RO(X)I) baseline
  • RO(X)I on-going measurement and analysis