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In the moment and omni-anywhere.

Using both our own platforms and partner tools, Bond allows you to create powerful, memorable and measurable human and digital experiences.

Learn more about how we meet your marketing needs and help you build stronger bonds through personalized marketing and powerful AI-driven insights that ensure timely, ongoing and relevant engagement across all channels.

Our suite of technology solutions includes:

Loyalty Experience Platform

Synapze LX™, our scalable, modular and secure loyalty platform, helps brands launch new loyalty programs or replace underperforming programs. Our exclusive, best-in-class solutions allow for scalable growth, while our modular structure provides capabilities to support all loyalty design solution components and allows for speed to market while leveraging AI and machine learning to enable richer and more personalized experiences.

Employee Experience Platform

Synapze CX™ is a global experience platform that provides brands, channel partners and employees with real-time learning and personalized performance tools. Designed to provide insights on employee behaviors and seamlessly connect with other business systems, SynapzeCX allows operators to make data-driven decisions to influence the performance of their people and deliver a better customer experience.

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Experience Insights Platform

Synapze XI™ allows you to measure and monitor the moments that matter in your customer journey. With easy integration, the platform links behavioral data with attitudinal data to track the impact of customer engagement initiatives and allows you to prioritize further activities.

Lifecycle & CRM Solutions

We have a distinct and proven approach to building customer cross-channel lifecycle communications solutions tailored to your customer and business objectives. Our lifecycle & CRM solutions focus on the entire journey from acquisition to lift, shift, win-back and retention. By combining advanced data analytics, creativity, and cross-platform expertise, we work across all marketing channels with the goal of driving business performance and, ultimately, brand loyalty.

Our ability to target customers and members at the right time within their journey, with hyper-relevant content, offers true 1:1 marketing, ensuring customized messages that speak on a personal level. Our data-driven communications strategies married with platforms that include IBM Watson, Selligent, Salesforce, and Adobe, focus on the customer loyalty lifecycle, and foster program engagement, member retention and spend behavior.

As a registered Salesforce partner, Bond designs & delivers Salesforce Marketing Cloud solutions aligned to your omnichannel customer engagement strategy. A unique offering, we are able to workshop, discover and strategize your program’s north star goals, and technically deliver across all communication channels (Email, SMS, Mobile Push, Social, Ad) using complex journey builder orchestration, and integration to Salesforce Sales Cloud or other key CRM platforms in your ecosystem.