Julie Gerola

Senior Vice President, Consulting


Julie Gerola is Senior Vice President, Consulting at Bond Brand Loyalty leading strategy and solution design. She and her team solve complex customer challenges for leading brands such as CIBC, AAA, Ford, Bath & Body Works, and lululemon. Julie is a customer engagement and loyalty expert, having spent her career building and optimizing world-class loyalty programs for leading brands.  Prior to leading Consulting at Bond, Julie held executive roles as Vice President & General Manager of Digital Marketing & Loyalty at Marvel Entertainment and was Head of Marketing & Loyalty for Viggle Inc., the first loyalty program for watching television. Julie developed her passion and expertise for loyalty at Citigroup where she led marketing efforts for Citi’s ThankYou Rewards program, a premier financial services loyalty program. Julie is a data-driven marketer with expertise in loyalty, strategy, economics, digital marketing, partnerships, and user experience.  On a personal note, Julie is the #1 fan and cheerleader of her twins who play a variety of sports and she is very passionate about The Ohio State Buckeyes.